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Explore a community where acceptance has no limits. Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or embarking on your journey, Delaware 420 Vibes welcomes everyone. Our doors are open to those who align with our values and interests.
Welcome to Delaware 420 Vibes

A Community That Connects & Inspires Members

Grow with us to a higher level. 

Let's elevate ourselves collectively to a superior level.

For what reason?
Together as a unified whole?

As the recreational market thrives, we invite community engagement in the expansion of our club. As residents of Delaware, our connections run deep. Our objective is to establish a shared smart space. 

Together, we can advance to a more elevated stage. 

Are you curious about the details and coming on board? Feel free to ask about our green space and what it means for our community.



Be Empathetic

Embrace the present

Grasp the principles of law

Reject violence!

Turn the other cheek, not a blind eye

Enjoy Peaceful Gatherings

Do not Litter

Insist on Higher Standards

Respect Personal Space

Learn something new each day

Delaware Law
As of April 23, 2023, Delaware joined the ranks as the 22nd state to legalize recreational marijuana. In the state, individuals aged 21 and older are legally allowed to possess and use recreational marijuana within the confines of private spaces. This implies that the consumption and possession of marijuana are permitted in one’s own residence or on private property with the property owner’s consent. It is legally advised to maintain a distance of at least 10 feet from the sidewalk or property line while using marijuana, and it is crucial not to operate a vehicle until the effects have subsided.

Robert Coupe

Delaware Marijuana Commissioner
Here’s how the licenses will be allocated:


420 Membership
Tiers: 420 OGs & VIPs, Mids, and Nugs.

New Buds are potential members and may be a guest on non-event days.
$20 Non-Event Entry Contribution
Event details are posted with varying costs.

Keep an eye out for holiday ticket sales. Tickets for these events are available for purchase.

For updates on monthly meetings, “potluck” dinners, and lively celebrations, subscribe or visit our events page.


Are you Canna-Curious?

CBD, THC, or a combination?

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid strains?

Exploring edibles, understanding dosing and delivery methods?

Ask and we will answer!

The saying “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” dates back to 1912. Originally cautioning against the perils of inquisitiveness, it has evolved to convey a more nuanced perspective. In its altered meaning, the phrase suggests that although curiosity may pose risks, the ultimate satisfaction derived from uncovering knowledge and truth makes the journey worthwhile.

Source of inspiration.

Individually, we wake, regardless of time, and with each hallowed breath, we plant seeds to hearten change. ~ena~

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